Truck Repair

Here at NVG, we offer the expert truck repair you can rely on to keep your business moving. From steering and suspension repairs to exhaust repairs and replacements, our team have the necessary expertise to get your truck or your fleet back on the road in working order.

We can perform air conditioner repairs or re-gassing, and can diagnose and repair any issues with clutches and transmissions, engines, PTO units, cooling, or auto electrical systems.

Logbook Servicing

With most new vehicles, part of the value you’re paying for is the warranty, which protects buyers from any expenses resulting from manufacturer faults early in the vehicle’s life. This is the same for all trucks, trailers and equipment. To keep the protection of your warranty for as long as possible, it’s expected that trucks, trailers and equipment undergoes regularly scheduled servicing from a reputable repairer.

At NVG, we conduct logbook servicing for all makes and models of trucks, trailers and equipment, warning you of any issues. You’ll also leave our workshop with the peace of mind of having an intact warranty.

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Engine Repairs

Your engine is your vehicle’s beating heart, and requires regular checking and maintenance to remain in optimal performance, fuel efficiency and reliability.

We offer drivers a range of engine services, including rebuilds, reconditioning and testing, as well as diagnostics and repairs for diesel engine blocks and cylinder heads.

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Clutches & Transmissions

We can diagnose issues with clutches and transmissions, and can replace or overhaul any component.

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Auto Electrical

Vehicles have become more and more sophisticated in their use of electronics, and only the most dedicated auto electricians can keep up with the rapid changes in modern vehicles’ electrical workings.

Our staff have the latest in diagnostic scan tools to interpret fault codes produced by your on-board electronics and isolate the problem area of your vehicle for repair. We also repair or replace faulty starter motors and alternators, as well as install a range of replacement batteries, cabin bunk comforts and more.

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Steering And Suspension

Worn or faulty components in your vehicle’s steering or suspension systems can cause many problems for your vehicle’s handling or overall ride comfort. This is particularly important for heavier vehicles, as a heavier load can put a greater strain on your suspension and steering.

We can repair your suspension and steering with a range of replacement parts including springs, air suspension solutions and more. We can also repair your vehicle’s steering systems and axle, to tighten up your vehicle’s handling, conduct wheel alignments to keep your vehicle tracking straight and true.

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Exhaust Repairs/Replacement

At NVG, we can diagnose any exhaust leaks and replace if required. We can also produce a custom made exhaust components for all trucks, whatever the make or model.

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