• jenz-ba-965-dxl-01
  • jenz-ba-965-dxl-1
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  • jenz-ba-965-dxl-4
  • jenz-ba-965-dxl-01
  • jenz-ba-965-dxl-1
  • jenz-ba-965-dxl-2
  • jenz-ba-965-dxl-4

Jenz - BA 965 DXL

Biomass Processor

571KW / 776HP
26300 kg
Green Waste Output:
110 T/H
Bark Output:
115 T/H
Scrap Wood Output:
70 T/H
Infeed Width:
1620 mm
Infeed Width:
960 mm
Number of Hammers:

Quick Details

Whether it be green waste, roots or old wood, this shredder stops at nothing.
The feeder is generously designed is with the largest loading vehicles in mind.
Online Diagnoctics keep service costs to a minimum and the foreign body detection IPS protects the machine even under the toughest conditions before unplanned outages.

  • Machine for universal application
  • extreme high throughput
  • can be used in extreme on extreme and cramped terrain
  • composting (grass cutting, bio-waste)
  • trunk wood, roots, scrap wood
  • substrate regrinding
  • very efficient machine
  • Varioflex control for economic operation
  • Easy system for simple tool change by just one person
  • IPS Impact protection system
  • long conveyor intake for continuous material flow
  • track roller units for the operation on extreme terrain
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