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  • 1-SY135C-medium-excavator
  • 2-SY135C-medium-excavator
  • 3-SY135C-medium-excavator
  • 4-SY135C-medium-excavator
  • 5-SY135C-medium-excavator

Sany – SY135C 

Medium Excavator | 15 TONNE

$124,500 GST Excluded
5 year / 5000 hour

Price is for base model only. Speak to our sales team about tailored packages including quick hitch and jewellery.

Despite its compact design, the SANY SY135C displays impressive versatility and performance. Outstanding at digging, crushing, loading and backfilling. Perfect for use in places where space is limited: Road and canal construction, horticulture, landscaping and demo work.

Quick Details

The SANY SY135C has the power to allow it to reach high excavating forces which would otherwise only be possible with significantly bigger machines. All that with an astonishingly large operating radius. This saves time, since the machine therefore needs to be moved far less often on the construction site. Talking of movement, the compact dimensions of the machine facilitate easy and safe transport.

The SY135C resoundingly proves that the performance of a compact excavator is not necessarily determined by bulky size. Weighing near 15 tonnes, it offers the optimum ratio of power to maneuverability. In addition, the robust, wide heavy-duty undercarriage and the robust dozer blade provide a high level of stability. This allows it to optimally apply its power – for a comprehensive range of applications anywhere where larger machines have to fit.


Engine Model:
Rated power:
78.5 kW / 2 000 rpm
Auto idle
Diesel filter

Operation Range

A. Max. digging reach 8290 mm
B. Max. digging depth 5500 mm
C .Max. digging height 8645 mm
D. Max. dumping height 6175 mm
E. Min. dumping height 2920 mm
F. Max. vertical digging depth 4850 mm
G. Overall height over arm by min. swing radius 6500 mm
H. Arm head distance with work equipment retracted as far as possible 2650 mm
I. Min. swing radius 2500 mm
J. Max. clearance when blade up 490 mm
K. Max. depth of blade down 320 mm


A. Transport length 7700 mm / Transport length (blade) 8850 mm
B. Transport width * 2590 mm
Transport width ** 2490 mm
Transport width *** 2690 mm
C. Upperstructure carriage 2 490 mm
D. Height over cabin/ROPS 2 820 mm
E. Height of Boom – transport 2 815 mm
F. Overall length of crawler 3 665 mm
G. Tail length 2 205 mm
H. Track gauge 1 990 mm
I. Undercarriage width (blade) * 2590 mm
Undercarriage width (blade) ** 2490 mm
J. Horizontal distance to blade 2 650 mm
K. Blade height 480 mm
L. Track height 815 mm
M. Track pads width 500 mm, 600 mm, 700 mm
N. Min. ground clearance 425 mm
O. Counterweight clearance 910 mm
P. Engine cover height 2130 mm
Q. Tail swing radius 2205 mm
R. Center distance of tumblers 2930 mm
* at 600 mm track pads width
** at 500 mm track pads width
*** at 700 mm track pads width

Undercarriage / working Device

Steel tracks
Cylinder guardes – dozer blade
Holes/loops for fixing


Swingspeed 12 rpm
Max. travel speed High 5.3 km/h, slow 3.1 km/h
Max. travel force 114 kN
Gradeability 35°
Bucket capacity 0.6 m3
Ground pressure 0.39 kg/cm2
Bucket digging force ISO 103 kN
Arm digging force ISO 67 kN

Hydraulic System

Mainpump 2 x variable-piston-pump with
electronic positive control
Max. oilflow 2 x 110 l/min
Travel motor 2 speed axial piston motor with planetary reducer and automatic multi-disc brake
Swing motor Axial piston motor with planetary reducer and automatic holding brake
Max. oilflow (AUX1) 110 l/min

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